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Groups, companies and schools

Jungle Raider Park offers several special opportunities for groups, companies and schools, to spend a day differently than usual. It is really the ideal place to live unique experiences, immersed in nature, for strengthening bonds, learning to trust others and gaining confidence. It all takes place in total safety, thanks to specific slings and the presence of careful and qualified instructors.
Besides friendship, experience, lots of adventure and excitement, Jungle Raider Park is also adrenaline and a desire to challenge yourself. Discover all the specific activities for young and old people!

Addio al celibato e nubilato

Bachelor and bachelorette party

Book an adventurous and fun bachelor and hen party in the Jungle Raider Parks, gives the spouses a unique and exciting day to prepare them for the challenges of marriage! With the help of our staff you will be able to choose between different proposals and activities: adventures in the trees, soft air challenges and trekking in the woods.

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Team building and corporate proposals

At Jungle Raider Park it is possible to book special Team Building sessions and Incentive programs based on a series of different activities, totally immersed in nature.
Survival courses, outdoor training, soft air for companies, suitable for stimulating recreational and motor activities and for coordinating movements in a correct manner, as well as strengthening the concepts of union and group.

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Schools and oratories

The Jungle Raider Adventure Park offer many different activities for schools and oratories, all dedicated to emotion, dynamicity and didactics, within a totally natural context and in absolute safety.

School trips   Trips for oratories and summer camps


Parties and birthdays

Book an unforgettable birthday at Jungle Raider Park, give your child a day of adventure and fun. A party at the Jungle Raider Park is perfect for young and old, you can choose between routes of varying difficulty and many thrilling activities, in total safety!

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Forecasts and openings

Today openings:
Park open for companies, schools and groups by appointment only.
Park open for companies, schools and groups by appointment only.
Park open for companies, schools and groups by appointment only.