The Margno park is made up of 5 paths BABY, AIR, WIND, TORNADO, TYPHOON each differing in difficulty, which is based on tree height and type of obstacle connecting one tree to the next.



Baby Path


Designed for children 3 years old and above, kids must be followed by an adult on the ground.

Air Path


For kids 120cm and taller. Smaller kids (110-120cm) will need to be accopained by an adult.


Wind Path


For kids and adult 140cm and taller. The maximum height of the platforms is 8m and the path is demanding at times.


Typhoon Path


For kids and adult 150cm taller. The path is pure fun all obstacles are performed using a pulley.


Tornado Path


For kids and adult 160cm and taller. Platforms reach 14m in height and the path is demanding.