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From Saturday 18 March the Civenna and Albavilla Jungle Raider Parks are open.

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Discover the Jungle Raider Park in Civenna

In the evocative setting of the well-known “Branch of Lake Como”, the Jungle Raider Park extends, located near the splendid springs of the Lambro. The park is located just 15 kilometers from the famous Bellagio.

Fun, adventure, courage and lots of emotions. Jungle Raider Park offers unique and unforgettable moments, thanks to structured routes on lianas, ropes and passages suspended in the air, as well as routes built on trees and arranged in fantastic coniferous forests, totally immersed in nature and tackled in complete safety.
A thousand laughs, zero risks: thanks to the constant presence of the instructors and the best equipment, your only thought will be to have fun!

The Civenna park is designed in such a way as not to damage the trees and the surrounding nature, respecting the green and acting in an eco-sustainable way is our great commitment.

Courage, audacity and strength. These are the characteristics necessary to face the Civenna adventure park… do you feel ready?

today openings: Sunday 25 February 2024
Monday openings: Monday 26 February 2024
Tuesday openings: Tuesday 27 February 2024
Civenna park
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parco aperto su appuntamento per compagnie, gruppi e scuole
Civenna park
aperto per gruppi
parco aperto su appuntamento per compagnie, gruppi e scuole
Civenna park
aperto per gruppi
parco aperto su appuntamento per compagnie, gruppi e scuole
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Parco avventura molto curato, ben studiato e altissimi livelli di sicurezza anche per i non esperti (come me).
TripAdvisor - October 2017

Safe fun for everyone

Experience the adventure by climbing the path that best suits you.
You can choose from various routes divided according to height and degree of difficulty.
We have really thought of everyone, from small children (from 3 years of age) who will be able to have fun in complete safety on paths up to 1 meter high and with our instructors who will accompany them at every step, to teenagers and adults for whom we have studied of the most challenging and adrenaline-pumping paths that reach up to 15 meters in height!


9 exciting paths among the trees, one of which is for the little ones. Emotions tailored for all those who want to have fun outdoors, from little explorers to adrenaline-hungry daredevils. Choose your adventure level!

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Archery, canyoning, airsoft: discover all the activities to complete your fantastic day in Civenna..

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Fairy World

Take part in the treasure hunt in the woods, an enchanted world where the imagination comes to life.

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A typical day in the park

Civenna, a place to be discovered. Discover the beautiful surroundings, with many places to visit after visiting the adventure park.

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