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Oggi come ieri garantire la vostra sicurezza è un impegno irrinunciabile per noi. Pertanto per accedere ai parchi è ora obbligatorio prenotare online ed indossare la mascherina.

Una volta sui percorsi deve essere tenuta la mascherina ma si può abbassare, inoltre dai 10 anni, è obbligatorio l’utilizzo dei “guanti spalmati”, da portare da casa o acquistabili in loco a 2€.


Test yourself, get out of the box and have fun: a day at Jungle Raider Park is an opportunity to try different out of the ordinary experiences. Try out the activities offered by the Albavilla Park, as a way to continue the adventure, or to challenge your friends and experience unforgettable moments.
All available activities are different and suitable for all, just choose whether to start with archery, or with an epic Soft Air and Archery Combat battle.

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Tanti percorsi da scegliere dai Baby a quelli estremi e devo dire che il percorso Tornado è adrenalina pura.
TripAdvisor - September 2018

Jungle Raider Park Albavilla

The Parks Paths

Test your courage through the adventure trails, developed in routes suspended in the air between logs, wooden walkways and Nepalese bridges, structured at various levels of height. Each differs in difficulty, height and type of obstacles to overcome when passing from one tree to another.

Before diving into adventure and fun, our staff will provide you with all the protective equipment (harness and helmet) to tackle the routes in total safety. An accurate Breifing follows in which we witness a demonstration and a series of tests to become familiar, and thus be ready to face the challenges of the adventure park.

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Jungle Raider Park Albavilla

Fairy World

Give your children a magical adventure in an enchanted forest! Fantastic trials await them: they will have to discover the secrets of the fairies, solve the riddles of ancient magicians and outwit the pirates. Starting from the Rune Forest, the little explorers will have to cross enchanted lands such as the Fairy’s Lair, the Pirate’s Cove and also bring buried treasures to light.

It involves a treasure hunt and engaging themed games and is recommended for children between 4 and 12 years old.


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