Progettazione e realizzazione di parchi avventura

Adventure Parks Building

Offering the opportunity to have fun in the open air, facing thrilling and adrenaline-loaded challenges: building an adventure park is a great business opportunity! Choose us for creating your business, we will follow you step by step for creating a winning project.
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Since 2003, the Jungle Raider parks have grown to become a strong and recognized brand that for all means adventure, fun and safety. Come and experience our facilities in Civenna, Margno and Albavilla, discover the secrets of JRP success!

We’ll be by your side in the realization of your dream, putting at your disposal our team of two agronomists, a design engineer, a test engineer and six experienced tree climbers.

We use an innovative construction technique, which has a double advantage: it doesn’t damage the trees and makes subsequent maintenance faster, always guaranteeing the highest safety standards.

What will we do together?

  • Free inspection to evaluate the choice of location

    We will visit the site of your park together, in order to study the terrain and the possibilities linked to the area.

  • Consulting in paperwork

    Our team will be by your side in handling the files and requesting all the necessary permits.

  • Analysis of plants and trees

    Our specialized agronomist team will examine the trees one by one, so as to be sure that they are suitable for hosting platforms and obstacles.

  • Route planning

    Together we will decide the type and difficulty of the routes, our experience will be at your disposal to choose all the most popular solutions. Finally, a design engineer will create a technically perfect, functional and safe layout.

  • Path construction

    Experienced tree climbers will install platforms, obstacles and structures, using only certified materials and top quality Italian wood.

  • Testing of the routes

    An engineer will test all the routes to ensure their safety. For maximum independence and impartiality, this assessment is always carried out by a professional which is not the designer himself.

  • Staff training

    We will prepare your entire team to better manage an Adventure Park, from customer relations to safety management.

Manutenzione parchi avventura

Hai già una struttura, ma vorresti renderla più sicura? La nostra esperienza è a tua disposizione per offrirti una consulenza per la sicurezza su misura e accurata.
Uno dei nostri servizi più apprezzati è l’allestimento della linea di vita Coudou Pro Zaza: il sistema a linea di vita continua che non permette lo sgancio del moschettone.

Perché il divertimento sia sempre privo di rischi, è fondamentale controllare lo stato di salute e la crescita degli alberi. Come ogni creatura vivente cambiano nel tempo e, senza gli adeguati accorgimenti, il tronco può crescere fino a inglobare la piattaforma e la bordura, perdendo integrità e stabilità, oltre che in armonia estetica. Per evitare il problema è necessario controllare la crescita degli alberi a cadenza regolare, in base al tipo di essenza, modificando e riposizionando la piattaforma circostante. Grazie all’esperienza dei nostri tecnici, siamo in grado di stabilire gli interventi da effettuare per mantenere la vostra area verde forte, sana e resistente nel tempo.

Il nostro servizio di manutenzione per parchi avventura copre ogni aspetto importante per la sicurezza della struttura:

  • Verifica stato di salute degli alberi,
  • Adeguamento e manutenzione piattaforme aeree,
  • Verifica dello stato di usura dei cavi e dell’attrezzatura.

Curiamo la sicurezza e la manutenzione di strutture di ogni dimensione, sia privati che pubblici.

Do you already have an Adventure Park?

You do have a structure, but you’d like to make it safer? You can count on our experience for giving you tailored and accurate safety advice.
One of our most appreciated services is the preparation of the Coudou Pro Zaza lifeline: this is the continuous lifeline system which prevents carabiner releases.

Implementation of high-level projects

Do you have a project or a work at height to carry out? Our team is ready to evaluate the feasibility and carry out a wide range of works.

Would you like to know more?

Contact us for any information or to arrange an inspection! You can come and visit our facilities to see the value of our parks.

Call us a031.963651 / 335.7956162, write to us at or fill out the form below.

Reservation required: for maximum fun in safety

To ensure your safety to access the parks, it is now mandatory to book online only.