Adventure Park Construction

Offering the opportunity to have fun outdoors and experience thrilling challenges full of excitement,
building an Adventure Park is a great entrepreneurial opportunity! Trust us to create your business, as we
will guide you step by step to make your project a success.

Since 2004, Italiana Parchi has been building and managing successful parks, including the three Jungle
Raider Parks in Civenna, Albavilla, and Margno, as well as the JRP Xtreme park in Caglio.

We have condensed this twenty-year experience into a comprehensive turnkey package, which allows you
to build a high-impact adventure park that is also simple and efficient to manage and maintain.

Our Offer

Thanks to meticulous design, we will create a fun adventure park for your guests while also being
efficient to manage.

This is because it’s not enough to create beautiful attractions for the park to function; it’s crucial to design
each step with an understanding of the actual experience of guests, instructors, and managers.

Choosing the right paths based on the environment, positioning the starting points and guest preparation
areas can make a difference in terms of the minimum necessary staff, waiting times, and overall
satisfaction of people.

By using the certified “chain” system, a special construction technique that reduces stress on trees, and
high-quality materials sourced from the industry’s best suppliers, the final result will combine maximum
safety with respect for trees and nature, reducing and optimizing the necessary maintenance interventions.

  • Unique Construction Technique

    Unique Construction Technique in Europe Modern experiences and techniques allow us to create stable and safe courses without damaging the trees, reducing and optimizing the necessary maintenance interventions through the use of the certified “chain” cable anchoring system.

  • High-Quality Materials

    We only use high-quality materials from Italian companies, such as steel cables from Lecco and wood sourced from local forests, with guaranteed 15-year impregnation that is boron and chromium-free.

  • Maximum Safety

    We utilize carabiners, harnesses, and safety devices from specialized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) companies, such as the Italian brand Kong.

  • Continuous Lifeline System ZAZA 1 and 2

    For maximum safety, we install a continuous lifeline system for adult courses and a specific one for children’s courses.

What will we do together?

We will build according to the UNI EN 15567-1:2020 standard and we have a complete team at our

  • 6 specialized rope workers
  • 4 forest agronomists
  • 1 design engineer
  • 1 testing engineer

The last two roles are distinct to ensure maximum transparency and avoid conflicts of interest.

  • Site Inspection to Evaluate Location Choice

    We will visit the park site together to study the terrain and explore the possibilities associated with the

  • Consultation on Administrative Procedures

    Our team will support you in handling administrative procedures and obtaining all the necessary permits.

  • Analysis of Plants and Trees

    Our agronomists will conduct instrumental analysis of the plants, without using a hammer.

  • Track Design

    Together, we will decide on the type and difficulty of the courses, drawing on our experience to choose the solutions most loved by people. Finally, a design engineer will create a technically perfect, functional,and safe track layout.

  • Course Construction

    Experienced tree climbers will install platforms, obstacles, and structures using only certified materials and high-quality Italian wood.

  • Course Testing

    An engineer will conduct thorough testing of all the courses to ensure their safety.

  • Completion of Work

    We will provide you with operation and maintenance manuals for the park, the project documentation, structure testing reports, and phytosanitary analysis.

Not Just an Adventure Park

In addition to designing and creating a fun and efficient park, we will support you in making the establishment easy and profitable by providing training in various essential areas.

  • Supply of all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for park visitors.
  • Staff training.
  • Assistance in creating a basic communication campaign: website, social media, and flyers.
  • Techniques for regular maintenance of the facility.
  • Techniques for rescuing and assisting customers in challenging situations.
  • Procedures for managing groups, schools, youth centers, and summer camps.
  • Group and event packages: birthdays, graduation parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Essential & Exclusive: Two Lines for All Needs

All of this represents our Essential offer, which combines our experience with the use of top-quality
materials, finishes, and games.

If you desire something even more spectacular, the Exclusive line enhances our proposal with the use of
unique details, such as special and refined finishes.

Would you like to know more?

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