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Jungle Raider Parks

Jungle Raider Park is a skill path hanging in the air, which shifts from logs to wooden walkways, from Nepalese bridges to ropes connecting one tree to the next.

Our trees are equipped with platforms, each of which is fastened to the tree in full respect of the tree’s heath and environment at about 2 to 15 meters height, and which allow you to walk from one obstacle to the next.

An innovative formula…

Our innovative formula is a new way to spend a day in the outdoors, combining fun and physical exercise with nature and the experience of immersed in the woods. This sportsa activity requires concentration and teaches you to coordinate movement, stimulates your bravery and builds group spirit.
This physical activity is for everyone and you don’t need any special athletic training.

… Fun, adventure, friendship!

The Jungle Raider adventure park is composed of various skill courses, suspended at various levels of height (from 2 to 15 meters) developed between logs, wooden walkways, Nepalese bridges and lianas, which connect the trees to each other.

In the park of Margno there are 5 routes, while in Civenna and Albavilla there are 9 starting from the simplest for children to the most adrenaline-pumping and demanding ones for adults. All the routes, in fact, have different levels of difficulty and height.
The Xtreme park in Caglio offers a route with 7 truly extreme attractions, as well as a Family area, with 4 routes suitable for children and teenagers.

Each path is totally safe for both human and plant health, respecting their well-being and ensuring maximum enjoyment.

The parks offer participants many different alternatives, such as Soft Air, tandem jump with paragliding, paths in caves and streams, to offer emotions at all levels.

What are you waiting for? The adventure park is for everyone!

Book your adventure now: no queues, no stress, just pure fun!

Online booking is mandatory to get on the paths. Choose the day and time you prefer and get ready to experience an unforgettable adventure!