Ragazzo si diverte a saltare con la carrucola nel parco avventura di Como

Disposizioni COVID-19

Oggi come ieri garantire la vostra sicurezza è un impegno irrinunciabile per noi. Pertanto per accedere ai parchi è ora obbligatorio prenotare online ed indossare la mascherina.

Una volta sui percorsi deve essere tenuta la mascherina ma si può abbassare, inoltre dai 10 anni, è obbligatorio l’utilizzo dei “guanti spalmati”, da portare da casa o acquistabili in loco a 2€.

Frequently asked questions

Useful infos before visiting the Park.

  • Do I have to book?

    We do not take reservations on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Large groups during the week require booking in advance. Groups can book the park even on closing days

  • What is the right age in order to access the park?

    There is no age limit, there is a minimum height (110cm). From 110 to 120cm children must be accompanied by an adult on the air path, beyond 120cm kids can use the park unaccompanied.

  • What is the best time to come on weekends?

    The whole day of Saturday is recommended and on Sunday morning attendance is lower.

  • Can I enter the park without using the paths?

    The park area is accessible to all, and is completely free. Only those who gain access to the paths pay the admission fee.

  • What type of clothing do I need?

    We recommend comfortable clothing, sports with sneakers or hiking shoes. Avoid thongs or sandals or any open-toed shoe.

  • What happens with bad weather?

    With low rainfall (and at the discretion of the instructors) the paths can be accessed. In case of storms or high winds the Adventure Park will be closed immediately. If in doubt contact us to ensure that the Adventure Park is open.

  • Do minors need to be accompanied?

    Yes, they must be accompanied by a responsible adult who must sign the registration form (assumption of responsibility). Minors must be followed on the ground by a responsible adult, who will have participated in the briefing and will check that minors always follow the safety rules.

  • How long do the paths last on average?

    The time needed to complete a path depends on the abaility of the user and on the traffic along the route. On average it takes you a 30/40 min. Up to 1h30min for the Hurricane path.

  • Can I bring my dog to the park?

    Yes, as long as they are held on a leash.

  • What does the ticket include?

    The ticket includes:

    • Briefing and practice with our instructors.
    • Equipment (climbing set and helmet).
    • Assistance along the route by our instructors
    • Path purchased.
  • Can I bring my own equipment (harness, helmet, gloves)?

    It is mandatory to use our harnesses, we also include a helmet (you can use your own helmet, but it must be “CE” marked). Gloves are on sale at a cost of € 4 per pair

  • Is the adventure park for everyone, even those with no experience?

    Yes, you do not need any previous experience. With a regular physical condition you can have fun for all ages in various locations. HURRICANE The path requires courage and strength faster, all those who are at least 160 cm high it can address (accompanied minors or adults).

  • Can I follow whoever is doing a path?

    Yes, from the trails that run underneath the paths it is always possible to follow participants.

  • Are there refreshments at the park?

    Yes, there is a bar where you can have sandwiches, drinks and ice cream.

  • At what time do the Briefings end?

    The last briefing for the green and blue path is at 6pm.
    The last briefing for the red path is at 5.30pm.
    The last briefing for the black path is at 5pm.

  • Can I book for groups?

    Yes, we accept reservations for groups during the week from Monday to Friday.

Reservation required: for maximum fun in safety

To ensure your safety to access the parks, it is now mandatory to book online only.